Strategic Use of Data Rubric

How strategically do you use data?

Education leaders already have the motivation to improve the strategic data use in their organizations. Yet they often do not know where to start, what direction to take, or even what exemplary data use might look like.

The SDP Strategic Use of Data Rubric is a resource that provides direction and support to education organizations to transform their use of data. The rubric establishes a common language and framework to more clearly illustrate what effective data use at the system-level looks like.

Using the Rubric

RubricThe rubric is divided into three main sections that focus on the primary areas that we believe are the most important to drive strategic data use:

1) Programs and Major Initiatives

2) Performance Management

3) Resource Allocation and Budgeting

Within each section, the rubric allows you to reflect on your data use practices and measure the quality in key domains. Each topic area includes ratings from “Basic” to “Exemplary.” While "Exemplary" ratings are rare, the indicators can give guidance to organizations for what practices are needed to improve.

Education leaders can use the rubric by accessing the Self-Assessment Guide below, or collaborate with SDP to conduct an organization-wide assessment with guided support.


Download the Rubric

Download the full rubric to self-assess the quality of your data use. Walk through the rubric individually or together as a team to identify organizational areas of strength and weakness.


Take the Online Assessment

Work with SDP to implement a team or organization-wide assessment exercise. SDP will report back results in aggregate along with specific steps to move the organization toward more strategic data use.

Need More Help?

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