Become an SDP Fellow

For two years, work for a school system or education organization, participate in high-impact professional development with Harvard-affiliated faculty, and use your data and leadership talent to improve the lives of students.

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Inspiring Leaders

Learn from fearless, mission-focused education advocates across the sector.


Faculty Advisors

Receive expert advice from renowned faculty members on your capstone projects.

alumni support

Alumni Mentors

Alumni provide guidance to each new fellow on methods, leadership, communication and more.

What You'll Learn

Education Analytics and Data Governance

Elevate your statistical programming, advanced research techniques, and data management skills. 

Policy Leadership and Management

Engage with education leaders and learn leadership best practices for leading evidence-driven change. 

Visualization and Communication

Develop the ability to tell a visual story with your data and support non-technical stakeholders.

Are you a future data changemaker?

We are looking for researchers, analysts, and professionals with strong analytic capabilities, familiarity with research design, and evidence of leadership. All fellows must demonstrate both data expertise and outstanding communication skills. Data fellows must hold an advanced degree and at least four years of full-time work experience. Fellows must be authorized to work in the United States. SDP's partners cannot offer visa sponsorships as part of this program. Most importantly, all fellows must be committed to education and believe in the importance of data-informed decision making.



To Become an Agency Fellow:

1. Secure approval from your agency leadership to participate in the SDP Fellowship program. Contact us to schedule an exploratory partnership conversation with your agency leadership.

2. Your agency leadership must complete a Partnership Application. Aspiring Agency Fellows must also submit the online Fellowship Application.

3. Once both applications are complete, you and your supervisor will be invited to attend a screening call with SDP.

4. If the partnership is an appropriate fit, then the MOU will be executed, and the Agency Fellow will be onboarded to the program.

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To Become a Data Fellow: 

1. Submit the Fellowship Application. If you meet the eligibility requirements and show promise as a fellow, you will be invited to complete an analyic task. 

2. If you successfully complete the task, you will participate in a Phone Interview.

3. Upon successful completion of the Phone Interview, you will be invited to a virtual Selection Day, where you will present on a second analytic task to a group of Harvard leaders and researchers, as well as complete a live case interview.

4. You will be notified within one week if you are accepted to the program, at which time SDP will identify placement opportunites that fit your skillset. Admitted candidates must successfully interview and receive an offer with a SDP partner in order to secure a placement.

5. Partner agencies will make a written offer to Data Fellows that includes a salary between $75,000 - $90,000 and full benefits.  The start date is negotiable; however, all fellows must begin working by or before early September of the first fellowship year. 

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