Fellowship Capstone Reports

SDP Fellowship Capstone Reports are practitioner-oriented resource guides that provide education leaders with insight on how to leverage data and analytics to inform policy and strategic decision-making. The reports—written by SDP Fellows about the work they led during the two-year program—include case studies, strategies for replicating analyses, and recommendations to education agencies, future fellows, and researchers. Read more about Fellowship Capstone Reports

Case Studies

The Strategic Data Project periodically will release formal case studies and video spotlights that illustrate how the SDP Fellowship and SDP Diagnostics were implemented in partner agencies and demonstrate some of the results that these engagements can achieve. The cases provide a detailed narrative that walk readers through critical steps taken by stakeholders inside and outside of the education agencies. As a result, the audience is able to think through how their

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Strategic Use of Data Rubric

The SDP Strategic Use of Data Rubric is a resource to provide direction and support to education organizations in their efforts to transform their use of data. The rubric establishes a common language and framework to more clearly illustrate what effective data use at the system level can look like.


SDP educational leaders already have the talent, knowledge, and motivation to improve the strategic data use in their organizations. Yet they may not have clarity around where to start, what direction to take, or even what

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Value-Added Measures

SDP published the memo, Value-Added Measures: How and Why the Strategic Data Project Uses Them to Study Teacher Effectiveness, to provide leaders and decision-makers with a well-rounded understanding of value-added measures to inform policy and management changes in their school districts and state education agencies. Read more about Value-Added Measures

Summer Melt Handbook

The SDP Summer Melt Handbook is a resource for education leaders interested in examining whether summer melt is occurring in their agency. The handbook not only serves to diagnose the phenomenon, but also helps leaders understand what they can do to address it.


Across the country, 10–40% of seemingly college-intending students, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, fail to enroll in college the fall after graduation. This phenomenon is known as summer melt. College-intending students have completed key college-going

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Strategic Performance Indicators

From the SDP Diagnostics, we derived a set of Strategic Performance Indicators, or SPIs. We developed the SPIs to reveal patterns and differences across our partners and to provide a broader audience of agencies with tools for understanding their own successes and challenges. Our goal with the SPIs is to establish common indicators that can be measured in a standard way and analyzed repeatedly over time and in many places. Education systems can use these indicators to benchmark progress over time, both against themselves and in relation to other organizations with similar

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Graduate Exit Survey Handbook

This handbook provides resources for designing and rolling out a high school graduate exit survey, as well as effectively analyzing survey results in a school district. This resource is intended to help anyone who is interested in implementing a high school exit survey, reworking a current exit survey, or effectively analyzing survey results in a school district. Read more about Graduate Exit Survey Handbook

Toolkit for Effective Data Use

The SDP Toolkit for Effective Data Use is a resource guide for education agency analysts who collect and analyze data on student achievement. Completing the toolkit produces a set of basic, yet essential, human capital and college-going analyses that every education agency should have as a foundation to inform strategic management and policy decisions.

The human capital edition* of the toolkit will give users insight into teacher recruitment, placement, evaluation, development, and retention. The college-going edition provides analytics for for on-time graduation trends,

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