SDP Convening

Every year, our network of 300+ data strategists, education leaders, and research faculty come together to exchange knowledge and share what works in making evidence-informed change. 

This year, the SDP network will convene virtually 
May 24-25, 2021.

Our 2021 Theme: Tomorrow is Today

This year's conference theme, "2021: Tomorrow is Today," will support attendees in contributing and sharing what brings you hope, what spurs you forward, and what innovative steps individuals and the sector need to take—given that Tomorrow is Today.

Why Attend

Convening RFP


Share your knowledge, skills, and experiences with the broader SDP network.

Propose a Session

Annual Convening - Speaker Alonso


Almost 300 inspiring research and education leaders attended our 2020 first ever virtual convening - our biggest audience yet! Join us to learn from others' expertise and experiences.

Fellows Reunited


Nominate an agency for their evidence-informed excellence. Join us May 24 to celebrate their accomplishments.

Learn more

Learn about SDP Fellows' strategic data work

This spring, hear from the graduating SDP Fellow cohort as they share their findings from strategic analytic questions their agency faced and the lessons they learned. In recent years, examples of SDP Fellows' projects include:

  • What began as an analysis of the nuances of Texas' manifold educator preparatory programs, SDP Fellow LaCole Foots’ project revealed a racial component that would be critical in light of Texas’ increasingly diverse student body. Read more.
  • After a lawmaker impasse on wide-reaching education legislation in West Virginia, SDP Fellow Oliver Ho and the West Virginia Department of Education collected and shared data about public perspectives to help drive the conversation forward. Read more.
  • In the School District of Palm Beach County, SDP Fellow Abigail Todhunter-Reid leveraged ROI alongside a program evaluation, providing evidence for district leaders to implement a program and ensure greater return. Read more.