Convening Session RFP

SDP Annual Convening 2022 - Request for Proposals 

We are excited to accept session proposals for our annual convening this May 11–13. This year’s convening theme is “Learning Unfinished.” While convening is always a time to share with one another, this year we hope to double down on our charge: to expedite our learning from the challenges, stakeholders, and successes across the network.

We are looking for sessions around several themes: 

  • •  Learning from novel challenges. From sharp declines in student enrollment to labor shortages, we are interested in sessions that address the unique challenges of the moment and the role data plays in making the problem easier to understand and address. 
  • •  Learning from stakeholders. SDP is interested in moving people to the center of the conversation (e.g., students, families, educators, community leaders). What do our stakeholders have to say about the challenges you are grappling with or the data itself? 
  • •  Learning from successes. As always, SDP wants to hear about the impactful work happening across the country. Share your work and insights with the broader network. What innovations are worth replicating and sustaining? 
  • •  Learning new skills, tools, and data sources. The tools of the trade are constantly changing and improving, and new data sources are coming our way. We need to keep up. Share your skillset, tools, or guidance for working with new and old data sources across the cohort. 

We are interested in proposals across the full P20W spectrum from birth to entry into the workforce, especially those that address early childhood and postsecondary education. Sessions should address equity and represent diverse perspectives. Maybe our learning will never be finished, but we look forward to growing together. 

If you have lessons that you would like to share with the SDP Convening network, please submit your proposal at the link below.  

Submitting your Proposal 

Choose a focus area and format for your proposal.  Sessions will be 90 minutes. 

Your submission should fit into one of our four focus areas: 

  • •  Learning from novel challenges 
  • •  Learning from stakeholders 
  • •  Learning from successes 
  • •  Learning new skills, tools, and data sources 

Given our hybrid conference with in-person and digital sessions, we hope that most proposals will plan to feature presenters physically in Boston and engage with an audience of in-person and digital attendees. However, if your session will not be a good candidate for engaging digital attendees, or if your presenters may only join a virtual session, please note that in your proposal. If your session is selected, we may not be able to accommodate adjustments to this format once one is identified.  

Consider your audience 

Convening attendees represent diverse organizations and roles across the education sector. Who are you designing your session for? What types of background, technical expertise, or sphere of influence will you assume your audience has?  

In your session proposal you will describe the types of audience members that will find your session most relevant. Organizers will use this information to ensure that the agenda has something for everyone.  Examples of agency types and individuals to consider are: 


  • •  Districts, charters, other local education agencies, including in early education 
  • •  State education agencies 
  • •  Institutions of higher education 
  • •  Nonprofit organizations 
  • •  Philanthropies and Foundations 
  • •  Service Providers 


  • •  Data analysts or independent researchers 
  • •  Managers of data or technology teams 
  • •  Senior Leaders (including cabinet-level leaders and executive directors) 

How we choose sessions 

All submissions are reviewed by SDP staff and SDP Alumni Council members. We review submissions based on the quality of title and description, how well they fit with our 2022 theme of “Learning Unfinished”, their relevance to our various audiences, and most importantly, for diversity, equity and inclusion. We are looking to create a coherent agenda that speaks to the focus areas identified above, and that will offer valuable lessons and new insights and innovations for the SDP network. 

When ready, complete this form to submit your session proposal.  All submissions are due by 11:59pm EST on Monday, February 14. 

The SDP 2022 Annual Convening will be held Wednesday, May 11 through Friday, May 13, with a pre-conference day on Tuesday, May 10 for active fellowship participants only. 


Speakers who are invited to travel to Boston to present their sessions will receive complimentary travel and 2 nights of lodging.  

What happens after you submit 

  • •  The session proposal submission deadline is 11:59pm EST on Monday, February 14, 2022. 
  • •  We aim to let you know if your submission has been chosen by Monday, February 28, 2022. 

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive convening 

At our SDP Convening, we strive to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive attendee experience that meets our vision and values.   

Please note that we may not accept submissions, especially for teams of presenters where all the participants are homogeneous, and we strongly encourage you to include a wide range of perspectives in your proposals. 

If our committee finds that your submission topic is relevant to our attendees, but doesn’t meet our diversity, equity and inclusion goals, we will contact you to make sure the session is representative.