Convening RFP

May 20–22, 2019

The Charles Hotel | Cambridge, MA

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Request for Presentations

Join the Strategic Data Project in its celebration of ten years of building the education sector’s capacity to improve using data. We will look back at the evidence-informed progress we’ve made as a sector but also look forward to the innovations and pressing issues of the day. The theme “Strength in Numbers” will celebrate the impact of more than 250 fellows in the field and more than 125 partners to-date over the past ten years. This is also an opportunity to highlight how numbers makes the sector stronger, to emphasize our assets rather than only the deficits, and to discuss what can happen when we pool our collective knowledge to improve.

We are especially interested in session proposals that showcase impact, emphasize progress, and give attendees opportunities to apply takeaways to their own context. When appropriate, we encourage bringing stakeholders to the table to ensure that we highlight the voices of those who need and use data for good. Last year’s convening sessions featured a similar emphasis on impact and amplifying the voices of those who use data for good.

What to Submit

SDP will accept proposals in three formats:

I. Ed-Talks (10-12 minutes):

Solo lightning talks. No Scripts. No wordy PowerPoints. Just you and what happened. In keeping with the broader conference theme, we are looking for stories about how evidence can (or should) influence practice, followed by table discussions on that topic. 

II. Critical Conversations (75 minutes):

Panel or individual policy-relevant discussions. This may include case studies highlighting recent research-findings, or a diverse and dynamic exploration of a particular topic from multiple perspectives. Successful sessions of this format will elicit audience participation through ample time to ask and answer questions.

III. Workshops (75 minutes):

An in-depth skill-based training with hands-on learning activities and specific takeaways. Workshops may address innovative techniques in policy, advocacy, data collection and analysis, or visualization.

Benefits of Speaking at Convening

Selected presenters will be able to attend the entirety of convening for free, with travel and lodging for 2 nights paid for by SDP (for up to a maximum of 5 individuals per session).

How to Submit

Proposals must include a captivating title and specify a format for delivery (e.g, Ed-Talk, Critical Conversation, or Workshop) and your intended audience. You will also submit a detailed 300-word description of the session. In this description please elaborate on the goals of the proposed sessions, possible activities for the session, and the takeaways with which you plan to leave the audience.

When to Submit

  • Final deadline for proposals is 3/11/19
  • Acceptances will be delivered on a rolling basis between 2/15/19 and 3/22/19
  • Conference registration deadline is 3/29/19, and flights and hotel (2 nights) will be covered for all speakers (up to a maximum of 5 speakers per session)