Strategic Data Excellence Award

Strong data work is critical to successful strategy, innovation, and improvement—yet because so many of our data successes are behind the scenes, this work is easy to take for granted and can be difficult to share and celebrate.

We want to change that. 

Honoring Excellence

The SDP Data Excellence award highlights agencies who are using data and evidence with excellence to solve big thorny problems, produce high impact data tools or analyses, or transform data culture in education. Honorees are selected by a panel of practitioners and researchers from across the SDP Network. Factors considered in our decisions include evidence of early success; impact on students, teachers, and school leaders; and technical sophistication.

2021 SDP Data Excellence Award Winner

Guilford County Schools (Office of Accountability, Research and Planning)

This year's nominees were evaluated on actions taken to address the urgency of the moment with fast and accessible insights, the quality of their data-use and design, and the overall impact their work had on teachers, students, school leaders, and community members. Congratulations to Guilford County Schools Office of Accountability, Research, and Planning for your award-winning efforts!


SDP Network Impact

Individuals and organizations in the SDP Network are innovating in ways that span the sector, and excellence may appear in different ways. Whether it’s developing an innovative data tool, making a difficult decision in an evidence-based fashion, improving data privacy and governance, or generating high-impact insights that are changing the field, we are deeply proud of the work they do. 


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