Strategic Performance Indicators (SPIs) are measures that reveal policy and management levers that have the potential to improve student outcomes. SPIs are derived from the SDP Diagnostics, rigorous descriptive analyses that SDP performs on a common set of issues using existing data from partnering education agencies. SDP’s goal is that education agencies will adopt these SPIs, thereby creating benchmarking information to understand their success in working toward key outcomes over time. 

College Going Indicators

Off-Track Status in High School 

Focuses on identifying at-risk students in ninth grade, while there is still plenty of time to improve students' chances of timely high school graduation.

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High School Effect on College Going 

Highlights variation in college-going rates for students with similar achievement. Helps identify schools that are meaningfully influencing the likelihood of college enrollment. 

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College Choice

Reveals that many highly prepared students opt to attend less selective postsecondary institutions or do not attend college at all directly out of high school. 

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Human Capital Indicators

The Novice Teacher Placement Pattern
Examines whether lower-performing students are disproportionately placed in classrooms of novice teachers

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Effective Teacher Retention Rate
Examines how retention rates for novice teachers differ by level of effectiveness.

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