Graduate Exit Survey Handbook

This handbook provides resources for designing and rolling out a high school graduate exit survey, as well as effectively analyzing survey results in a school district. This resource is intended to help anyone who is interested in implementing a high school exit survey, reworking a current exit survey, or effectively analyzing survey results in a school district.

This handbook walks you through the phases of conducting a high school graduate exit survey, including:

  • designing the survey,
  • implementing the survey,
  • promoting the survey,
  • collecting data,
  • analyzing the survey data,
  • communicating the results, and
  • impacting policy using the survey results.

Graduate exit surveys can shed light on students’ perception about a whole spectrum of the district’s operation, such as high school programs, counseling services, and career and college advising, among others. These surveys can also provide valuable information about students’ postgraduation plans, college application and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion self-reported rates, scholarship offers, experiences while in high school, and other important information. With exit survey results, districts are able to discuss how existing programs and policies could be updated to drive student results.

The handbook also includes template questions that have been collected from exit surveys conducted in SDP partner agencies.

This handbook was created with support from the Activate ED Exchange, an initiative created through the collaboration of The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project.

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