Fellowship Capstone Reports

SDP Fellowship Capstone Reports are practitioner-oriented resource guides that provide education leaders with insight on how to leverage data and analytics to inform policy and strategic decision-making. The reports—written by SDP Fellows about the work they led during the two-year program—include case studies, strategies for replicating analyses, and recommendations to education agencies, future fellows, and researchers. Learn how to host a fellow in your agency.

Reports by Research Area
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Data Capacity, Quality, & Culture

Cohort 6

Data Governance, Visualization, and Utilization: Case Studies from Four School Districts in Various Stages of Implementation
Renard Adams, Baltimore County Public Schools
Nick D’Amico, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Justin Benedict, Howard County Public Schools
Jazmin Rotger de Parra, Paterson Public Schools
Anthony Licamara, Paterson Public Schools
Anita West, Paterson Public Schools

Think Local, Act National: Local Analysis of the Nationally-Normed MAP
Eva Yiu, Howard County Public Schools
Ebony Langford-Brown, Howard County Public Schools
KC Holder, Northern Michigan University Charter Schools
Tom Hay, Uplift Education
Barb Soisson, West Linn-Wilsonville School District

Cohort 5

Meta Matters: Leveraging Metadata to Improve Data Use and Effectiveness
Lisa Deffendall, Fayette County Public Schools
Lu Han, Syracuse Public Schools
William R. Buchanan, Mississippi Department of Education

Tools for Performance Management in Education
Alexandre Peres, National Institute for Educational Studies and Research (Inep)
Fábio Bravin, National Institute for Educational Studies and Research (Inep)
Jessica Mellen Enos, Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)
Colleen Flory, Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE)/Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES)
Brandon McKelvey, Orange County Public Schools
Sabrina Yusuf, School District of Philadelphia

Cohort 4

Charting a Path through the Numbers: Three Efforts to Help Schools Translate Data into Action
David Moyer, Hawaii Department of Education
Emalie McGinnis, San Jose Unified School District
Kristen Rohanna, San Jose Unified School District
Nate Schwartz, Tennessee Department of Education
Hetal Thukral, Howard County Public School System
Linda Wise, Howard County Public School System

How Does Data Management Impact Practitioner Decision Making?: Illustrations from Three Case Studies
Maura Bonanni, Achievement First
Kate Drake Czehut, ROADS Charter High Schools
Brad Gunton, New Visions for Public Schools

Cohort 3

Data Governance Implementation at the State Level: Vision and Strategy to Make It Work
Kristen DeSalvatore, New York State Education Department

Enhancing Data Use for Effective Program Planning
Darryl Hill, Wake County Public School System
Matt Lenard, Wake County Public School System
Colleen Paeplow, Wake County Public School System
Sonya Stephens, Wake County Public School System

The Road to Success: Infusing the Use of Data to Increase Student Achievement
Denise Matuszczak, Springfield Public Schools

The Use of Student Perception Surveys Informs District Programming in Baltimore County Public Schools
Kelly Shields, Baltimore County Public Schools

Using Data to Test Assumptions: An Example from the Kentucky Department of Education
Jennifer J. Todd, Kentucky Department of Education

Cohort 2

Embedding Strategic Data Use in Professional Learning Communities
Russ Romans, Albuquerque Public Schools

Technology as a Tool for Improved Data Use: Schoolzilla
Lynzi Ziegenhagen, The College-Ready Promise

Teacher Effectiveness

Cohort 6

Examining Next Generation Measures of Educator Effectiveness
Jack Byrd, Fort Wayne Community Schools
Laura Cain, Fort Wayne Community Schools
Kevin Eakes, Charleston County School District
Shanna Ricketts, Delaware Department of Education

Improving First-Year Teacher Retention through a Centralized Hiring Process
Matthew Creel, Huntsville City Schools

Cohort 5

Analyzing and Improving Multiple Measure Teacher Evaluation Systems
Yueming Jia, Fort Wayne Community Schools
Todd Cummings, Fort Wayne Community Schools
Cara Jackson, Urban Teacher Center
Megan Clifford, Oklahoma State Department of Education
Stephen Hoch, Tulsa Public Schools

Strategic Staffing: Managing Teacher Quality Across and Within Schools
Richard Goodpasture, Duval County Public Schools
Chad Rountree, Duval County Public Schools
Jason Rose, Jacksonville Public Education Fund
Daniel Leeds, Michigan Department of Education

Teacher Evaluation that Informs Professional Learning: Unpacking Classroom Observations and Student Surveys for What Matters Most for Student Achievement
Marco A. Muñoz, Jefferson County Public Schools
Dena H. Dossett, Jefferson County Public Schools

Cohort 4

Leveraging Teacher Effectiveness Data to Improve Student Achievement
Tony Pratt, Tennessee Department of Education
Tara Tucci, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Ashley Varrato, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Casey White, Teach for America

Cohort 3

An Evaluation of the Professional Growth and Effectiveness Field Test in Kentucky
Bart Liguori, Kentucky Department of Education

Balancing Fairness, Simplicity, and Scale in Calculating Educator Growth Scores
Joshua Marland, Regents Research Fund
Monica J. Young, New York State Education Department

Colorado State Model Evaluation System for Teachers: Findings and Lessons Learned
Britt Wilkenfeld, Colorado Department of Education

Getting, Sharing and Using the Right Data: Three Steps toward Educator Preparation Program Improvement and Accountability in Massachusetts
Erin Dillon, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Implementing Educator Effectiveness: Collaboration Between Local School Districts, the Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Legacy Foundation
Kristen Bunn Olsen, Eagle County Schools
Matt Klausmeier, San Juan Board of Cooperative Education Services
Patrick Mount, Thompson School District

Cohort 2

The Albuquerque Public Schools School Improvement Grant (SIG) Teacher Evaluation and Compensation Pilot
Sade Bonilla, Albuquerque Public Schools
Richard Bowman, Albuquerque Public Schools

Using Value-Added Data To Improve The Human Capital Management System In LAUSD
Emily Mohr, Los Angeles Unified School District

Postsecondary Access & Success

Cohort 6

Developing an Early Warning Indicator System in a High-Poverty Urban Context
Tara Chiatovich, Passaic Public Schools
Elizabeth Rivera Rodas, Passaic Public Schools

Targeting College Readiness from Pre-K to High School
Abraham Ahn, Elizabeth Public Schools
Russell Clement, Broward County Public Schools
Corradina Fronte, Paterson Public Schools
Danny McClain, IDEA Public Schools

Cohort 5

Tracking Indicators of Graduation and Postsecondary Readiness
Ali Korkmaz, Long Beach Unified School District, California
Alison Gros, St. Bernard Parish Public Schools, Louisiana
Mary Lumetta, St. Bernard Parish Public Schools, Louisiana
Ashley Pierson, Education Northwest, Portland, Oregon

Applying the Strategic Data Project (SDP) Toolkit for Effective Data Use
Shannon Stackhouse Flores, Michigan Department of Education
Jeffrey Davis, Nassau BOCES
Brandi Holten-Bakshi, Nassau BOCES
Jennifer Sasser, Orange County Public Schools

Cohort 4

College Readiness: State and District Perspectives
Heather Boughton, Ohio Department of Education
Grace Chesney, Howard County Public School System
Vasuki Rethinam, Howard County Public School System
Peter Lavorini, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Student Success and College Readiness: Translating Predictive Analytics Into Action
Jason Becker, Providence Public Schools
L. Shane Hall, Dallas Independent School District
Benjamin Levinger, Prince George’s County Public Schools
Anthony Sims, Prince George’s County Public Schools
Anthony Whittington, Prince George’s County Public Schools

Cohort 3

Exploring Post-Secondary Attainment: Applying the Strategic Data Project Toolkit Analytic Process at Elizabeth Public Schools
Monica Martinez, Elizabeth Public Schools

The State of Career and Technical Education (CTE) in New York
Christopher Leake, New York State Education Department

Cohort 2

Identifying Early Indicators for College Readiness
Hansheng Chen, Los Angeles Unified School District

Integrating a College Going Measure into District Data Overviews
Alan Phillips, Delaware Department of Education

Introducing Early Warning Indicators
Tracy Keenan, Megan Marquez, and Chung Pham, Denver Public Schools

Three Building Blocks for Implementing a High-Impact Student Achievement Measures Program
Amber Mackay, Achievement First


Cohort 1

Summer Link: A Program to Facilitate the Transition From High School to College
Lindsay Daugherty, Fort Worth Independent School District

School Improvement & Redesign

Cohort 6

Improving Efficiency in School Budgeting and Spending
Bo Yan, Jefferson County Public Schools
Matthew Linick, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Is There a PARCC Mode Effect?
Matthew Duque, Baltimore County Public Schools

Cohort 5

Early Elementary On-Track Indicators Leading to Third-Grade Reading Proficiency
Jing Che, Rochester City School District
Patty Malgieri, Rochester City School District
Vicky Ramos, Rochester City School District
Hannah Page, Office of the State Superintendent of Education 
Anna Holt, Tulsa Public Schools

Exploring Community Perceptions: Are charter schools in Atlanta successful due to student and/or teacher selection?
Gayle Burnett, Atlanta Public Schools
Rubye Sullivan, Atlanta Public Schools

Scaling Barriers to Ensure Success in Program Evaluation
Clint Sattler, Knox County Schools
Rob Sayre, Fayette County Public Schools
Daphne Jenkins, Fayette County Public Schools
Eric Moore, Minneapolis Public Schools
Jonathan Doll, Michigan Department of Education

Cohort 3

2013 Attendance Intervention in Springfield Public Schools
Joseph Wyman, Springfield Public Schools

Cohort 1

Implementing a “Stat” Program: Lessons from the Boston Public Schools
Nathan Kuder, Boston Public Schools