Custom Training

Every team needs time to take stock of their biggest challenges and do some strategic thinking about how to use data to diagnose the current state and measure solutions. That’s where SDP can help.

With over ten years of experience training education data leaders, we think differently about meeting the needs of working data strategists. We work with partners to co-design a dynamic training experience aligned to the goals and objectives you have for your state, district, department, or network. Participants return to work energized and ready to move your strategic initiatives forward - initiatives that we hope will ultimately improve student achievement.

Our Collaboration


"Being involved in SDP has been transformational. [SDP workshops] gave me the opportunity to step back and look at the big picture of data governance...I realized I needed to tie the work of data governance to the mission and vision of our agency. We had our next meeting and rolled this out, and it was wildly successful. Data governance has been moving forward ever since."

- Kristen DeSalvatore, NYSED