Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 and Convening 2020 

General Purpose Convening Questions

  1. Is SDP Convening 2020 still happening? 
    1. The SDP team has made the difficult decision to forgo an in-person SDP Convening for a virtual one. The event will take place on the afternoons of May 18-20 as planned.
    2. We are working to provide you with the resources and supports you need to continue your work despite current constraints on travel and social gatherings. The program team will be in touch with dates, times, and logsitics.
    3. All participants will be required to re-register.
  2. What about other 2020 SDP events?
    1. We will continue to monitor the evolving situation as we approach other in-person events, such as the scheduled Fall Workshop for Cohort 11 Fellows.
    2. Please contact if you are unable to travel to a scheduled in-person SDP event.

Travelers to SDP Convening

  1. I had already booked a flight to Convening through SDP. What should I do? 
    1. Jay Smack will be tracking and contacting airlines to manage your flight cancellation. Depending on the airline and purchase date, you may receive a voucher for the cost of your flight, or your flight may be refunded directly to SDP.
    2. You will receive an email from Jay detailing what you can expect given your specific circumstances in the coming weeks. You can contact them at if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. I had already booked my flight to Convening on my own. What should I do? 
    1. If you are a current fellow or supervisor, please ensure you have contacted Jay Smack to discuss your refund or voucher retrieval options. If you receive a voucher, Jay can consult you on using these funds for a future SDP related event, if applicable.
    2. For all other attendees, SDP encourages you to contact your airline and cancel your flight at your own discretion.
  3. I had already booked other transport to Convening through SDP. What should I do? 
    1. Jay Smack is coordinating cancellation of all travel arrangements. You will receive an email from Jay explaining what to expect, and with specific instructions if you need to take action to assist in this cancellation.
  4. I had not yet booked travel to Convening. Do I need to take action? 
    1. No, no further action is required to settle your travel logistics.

Cohort 10 Fellows

  1. Will I still be graduating the fellowship?
    1. SDP will host a virtual graduation for Cohort 10 Fellows who have met fellowship requirements. For now, please continue to hold May 21 on your calendar for these festivities. SDP hopes Cohort 10 fellows will reunite in person at Convening 2021.
  2. Will I still have to present my capstone work at convening? 
    1. Cohort 10 Fellows who are not facing corona-related derailments will present their capstone projects virtually in May. Under the circumstances, we recognize not all fellows may be able to do so. Please contact if you need an extension.

Cohort 11 Fellows

  1. Will I still be matched with my faculty advisor and capstone working group in May? 
    1. You will still receive a faculty advisor by the end of May. Further, part of the streamlined convening programming will be an opportunity to meet with your new capstone working group and support resources.

Other Guests

  1. I had proposed a session for the Convening 2020 conference agenda. Will I get a chance to present?
    1. With a streamlined virtual convening, we are not able to accept many sessions from the compelling applications we received. We strongly encourage you to update your proposal and resubmit for our 2021 Convening. We may also invite individual presenters to lead individual webinars or virtual trainings for the fellowship in the future.
    2. If you would like to know more about how your proposal was received, please email
  2. Will the virtual convening programming be open to members of the entire SDP Community?
    1. The SDP team is prioritizing the needs of network members (supervisors, fellows, faculty, and alumni) when deciding how to streamline convening programming for a virtual gathering. If you are a member of our broader community who had RSVP’d to attend the 2020 Convening, please stay tuned for more information.