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With an unprecedented amount of data, education agencies need capacity to analyze and use that data for better decision-making. SDP Fellows can help education organizations leverage existing data and build an evidence base to support this new landscape and produce lasting results. Learn more about the fellowship curriculum and the types of fellows in the program. 


In each partner organization, fellows produce impactful results through the following strategies:  

High-Quality Professional Development
Fellows attend six intensive workshops over the two-year period, including two national conferences, featuring leading faculty and practitioners from Harvard and beyond. They build skills and forge professional connections through independent study and small-group exercises. Fellow supervisors also attend three of the workshops and receive resources to support their fellows work.

Technical and Subject-Matter Expertise
Fellows and agency partners are exposed to rigorous and timely research in education reform and provided with a portfolio of resources to support analytic skill-building. Fellows’ work often leads the field with knowledge on the newest analytic techniques and emerging policy areas.

Access to National Network
Fellows join a growing network of forward-thinking partners innovating new programs and techniques in K–12 organizations across the United States. They gain knowledge of current practices and lessons learned from their colleagues and apply these lessons to their host organizations. 

Leadership Leverage
Fellows are carefully situated within their organizations to take on high-priority analytic projects that will support important policy issues. They are selected for their leadership abilities and are trained to communicate effectively and navigate complex systems using their analytical expertise.

Program Cost

As noted above, fellows attend six intensive workshops over the course of the two-year fellowship. The fellow's supervisor will also attend three of the workshops to receive professional development and will work closely with fellows to develop their capstone projects and provide support. 

The two-year cost to recruit, place, and enroll a data fellow is $57,000. The cost to enroll an agency fellow is $47,000. Additionally, we recruit data fellows at an annual salary ranging between $80-90,000 plus benefits; this salary is paid by the agency. The cost of having a supervisor attend three workshops is included in the program fee. 

Partner Application Process

To host a fellow in your agency, get started on our Partnership Application. The application includes:

  • Basic information about your education agency or organization
  • Questions to build a profile of the skills, background, and interests of your ideal SDP Fellow

Once your application is received, SDP will follow up with you to schedule a short phone call discuss your interest in the program and your goals for the partnership. Please note that all SDP Fellow candidates must also complete a Fellowship Application.

Key Dates

The Cohort 9 (2017-2019 Partnership) application is now open. The priority deadline for applications is February 17, 2017, and the regular decision deadline will be March 31, 2017.  All Data Fellows must have a start date in their placement no later than September 5, 2017.

SDP Partner Application Timeline