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Application deadlines:

Applications are now reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis through July 14, 2017. 

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SDP is looking for education professionals with the analytic expertise and organizational skills to inform policy and grow our collective knowledge about strategic analytics. SDP Fellows come from diverse professional backgrounds (e.g., public policy, business, education), but share an interest in using analytics to effect change in educational organizations and make a difference in the lives of students across the country.

The program features two kinds of fellows—data fellows and agency fellows. 

  • Data fellows are recruited by SDP via a nationwide search and matched to an SDP partner organization. They bring impressive credentials in statistics, data management, and research methods.
  • Agency fellows are current employees who have been identified as analytic leaders in their organization. They are the rising stars of their organization who, with additional training and attention, will take on executive-level roles. 

Both types of fellows receive professional development designed to boost skills and knowledge in measurement and analysis, leadership and change management, and cutting-edge education policy. Read more about the program


The Strategic Data Project seeks candidates who possess:

1. A strong background in quantitative analysis

  • Master's level (or equivalent) knowledge of statistical analysis to provide agencies with the capacity for data-driven decision making
  • Experience in practical data analysis and familiarity with research design

2. An advanced degree (master's level or higher)

  • Candidates must be on track to complete graduate work by May 2017 in order to be eligible 

3. Proven leadership and management experience

  • At least four years of professional work experience, including a successful track record of managing projects and change initiatives
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and drive—humility, flexibility, patience, and resilience required to address multiple barriers and see projects from beginning to end

4. Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal

  • Experience communicating complex research findings to diverse audiences
  • Ability to cultivate relationships, identify high-value projects, and push them forward
  • Ability to develop and manage relationships within and beyond the organization

5. Demonstrated passion for education reform

  • Interest and passion for initiating change in the education sector, and advancing the use of data and analysis in policy creation and system management

6. Authorization to work in the U.S.

  • Must be on a full-time basis for the entire program (international students eligible only if visa assistance is not required). 
  • We regret that the Strategic Data Project does not provide Visa sponsorship.

Selection Process Overview

The SDP Fellowship application process for Cohort 9 (2017-2019) Data Fellows consists of the following five phases. Prospective Agency Fellows must also complete Phase One of the application process.

Phase One: Submit an Application Online
Candidates submit a cover letter and resume. All candidates will be notified of their status within three weeks after their application is submitted.

Phase Two: Phone Interview
Candidates will participate in a phone interview with an SDP research analyst and a member of the recruitment team.

  •  Once a phone interview appointment is confirmed, candidates will receive an assignment the next business day and will be given 72 hours to complete it.
  • During the phone interview, candidates will be asked to briefly present their memo and discuss their interest in the fellowship. Phone interviews will typically last up to 30 minutes.
  • Candidates will be notified if they are moving forward in the interview process, placed on the waitlist or not moving forward within two weeks.
    • Waitlist candidates are encouraged to submit evidence of applied quantitative experience.

Phase Three: SDP Selection Days 
Successful candidates from the phone interview stage attend an in-person interview in Boston, MA.

  • Each candidate participates in a two hour in-person interview that will be divided into two sessions.
  • Candidates selected to move to Selection Day will rank the placement opportunities.
  • SDP will assist candidates with travel arrangements and expenses.
  • Candidates will be notified of their status within one week after selection day.

Phase Four: In-agency Interview(s) 
Successful candidates from the Selection Day stage interview with potential host organizations.

  • Host organizations are allowed to interview the candidates of their choice. 
  • Candidates will interview with senior cabinet level members, their prospective supervisor, and if scheduling permits, the superintendent or CEO.
  • SDP will assist candidates with travel arrangements and expenses.

Phase Five: Matching and Placement 
Candidates selected to move to the final interview stage will be matched with a prospective agency (e.g. district, state education agency, etc.). 

  • Candidates who are not selected by an agency can defer their application for the next cohort in-agency interview(s).

The anticipated fellowship start date for Cohort 9 is Monday, September 11, 2017. An orientation for new fellows will be held in October 2017 in Cambridge, MA.